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      Compositing is in essence, part of the process of movie editing. In compositing, two different images are combined to form the illusion of being a single image. But, of course, not just anyone can do editing and compositing and make the final results look like they can truly blur the line between reality and fiction. But we don't just have any compositing and editing experts at Bunny Studio, we have Bunny Pros, experienced movie editing wizards! Just submit a project and watch us get going in a flash! What does it take to complete the compositing process successfully? Essentially, it's a very wide range of advanced film techniques such as green-screen capture, computer-generated images, and even rotoscoping. And yes, very basic forms of compositing have been a part of filmmaking techniques since the medium first began. Of course, the crude pastiches of old have given rise to new compositing and editing methodologies that can truly make things seem like they go beyond what is possible in reality and truly enhance the suspension of disbelief. And the merits of editing and compositing aren't just about creating extremely vivid fantasy images. Movie studios use editing and compositing effectively in ways that the normal viewer can't even tell! For instance, they use them to remove extraneous elements in shots, beautify landscapes, or create hyper-real scenes that are truly indistinguishable from reality. It's not all about CGI characters and fantasy scenes! Of course, when all is said and done, you want your video production to look its best. And whether you need expensive visual effects shots, or simply a more subtle edit, our editing and compositing Pros are ready to make your project look exactly the way you need, and your audience expects. And we'll do it with blazing turnaround times, amazing quality control, unlimited revisions, and a 100% money-back guarantee.