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      Simple, cute, and easily one of the most cost-effective types of explainer videos around. But it can be a bit of a trial-and-error thing to find the right whiteboard animation video company to help you out. But, with Bunny Studio, the time for guesswork is over; just log in, enter your project details in your dashboard, and watch our team of Pros create the perfect whiteboard video for you! Explainer videos are one of those crazes that set the internet on fire. So, what accounts for this success? Well, they make complex topics easier to understand, they're cute and they're supremely cost-effective. But, not all explainer videos are the same; different styles abound, with different functions and different intended audiences. Today, we'll learn about whiteboard animation, one of the simplest, most fascinating styles out there. If you're interested in engaging your audience, upping your viewership numbers, and gaining more clients, then it's the right choice for you. Whiteboard animation leverages this simplicity and takes it a step further. Essentially, it's a perfect marriage of live-action video and animation; a super-simple idea that can illustrate hard-to-grasp concepts in a short timeframe, and looks good to boot! So, hit us up today, and let's get started! Bunny Studio, among other things, is a whiteboard video animation company with talented, experienced experts in all realms of video making. We'll not only make sure your whiteboard video looks like a million bucks, but we'll also make sure that we deliver the results to you in a flash. After all, it's not about things looking great, but about delivering those results in a turnaround time that is aligned with the demands and deadlines of your company our business. And if you don't like the results? We offer a money-back guarantee because we're confident you'll love the final product!