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      Today, we're engaging with video content more than ever. In fact, most of the traffic on the internet is now video. But, of course, not all of the content that we can access is edifying. Learning videos aim to make a difference by providing an easy, engaging way to connect with learning material. But it's hard to find the right way to craft the type of clear, concise content your audience needs to learn. Thankfully, Bunny Studio can help you make a difference. You can submit a project and get going in 2 minutes. We'll match you up with a Pro who can understand your needs immediately, and you can have the perfect video in a flash! E-learning refers to a learning process that is based on standard, formalized training. The difference is that this mode of learning uses digital, networked resources as the vehicle for educational material. Computers, the internet, smartphones — every electronic tool can be converted into a learning center. The e-learning term itself was coined by educational technology expert Elliott Masie back in 1999. At the TechLearn conference, he gave the following definition: "eLearning is the use of network technology to design, deliver, select, administer, and extend learning.” Learning videos, then, are a part of this modern digital tradition that aims to teach in new and exciting ways. But creating material that engages, entertains, teaches, and actually does what it sets out to do is not easy. Our Bunny Pros, though, are video experts who can help you create successful, gripping learning videos. They'll help you create memorable content that both teaches and entertains your audience. And, they'll do it with extremely fast turnaround times, great quality control, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Connect with a Pro today, we promise to deliver results you'll be thrilled with!