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    CGI consulting, or computer-generated graphics, is a process that involves high-end renderings and modeling. At Bunny Studio, our CGI consultants start by working with you to create a storyboard and 3D renders of your characters and scenes. You can also access our animation services from your dashboard to bring your characters and scenes to life with motion. How does CGI consulting supplement live-action filmmaking, for instance? Most of the amazing films that you've seen in theatres have used CGI consult to a great effect to add fantastical images to the ones shot live. And yes, you've probably uttered "That looks fake" once or twice in your time. But what you don't know is that CGI consulting is the secret weapon of films that don't have any fantasy or sci-fi trappings. Sometimes your film will require some type of color-correct; others, to remove a crane or mic stand; others still, to create a composite shot. Aside from just renderings and modeling, CGI can be used to make a film look seamless and even more realistic. In and of itself, CGI is about integrating the computer-modeled images with the live-action ones, or about editing live-action ones until they look to your satisfaction. Of course, these effects should look realistic in the final result. What would become absolutely impossible to do in a live setting becomes possible through the magic of computer effects. While these types of effects used to be the province of Hollywood filmmakers, they've become more affordable over time, allowing independent filmmakers and brands of all sizes to have access to top-of-the-line CGI consulting services. And this is where Bunny Studio comes in! We can offer you the best CGI consulting services while making sure you receive the final result in a time that actually matters. We're all about quality, turnaround times, and excellent results.