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"We love Bunny Studio, and many of the Voice talent I coach are often surprised to learn that I’ve I earned more income from Bunny Studio than all other online voiceover services- that’s hundreds of booked jobs."

"Bunny Studio put me into the mindset necessary to be competitive and desirable in the voiceover industry. Creating a consistent routine of turning around professional audio in a timely manner not only accustomed me to the breakneck pacing that projects tend to have, but also incentivized me to hone my strengths - and improve my weaknesses - to ensure that speed did not also hamper quality."

"I’ve worked through many voice-over websites, and Bunny Studio goes above and beyond in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and friendliness. It allows me to work from my home studio which frees up time that I would otherwise use traveling to auditions and other studios. It’s incredibly fulfilling and I’m proud to be a part of their team!"

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“We used Bunny Studio to create localized voice-over in our mobile app. We tried Bunny Studio Voice for our first release and have been very pleased with the service. It is quick, fast and reliable. We have now used it for 4 different languages.”