ADİLCAN DEMİREL, voice actor

ADİLCAN DEMİREL, voice actor

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      In the world of voice acting, I'm the Turkish resonance behind 2,000+ films and 300+ commercials since 2006. From Netflix to Disney, my voice has echoed through renowned platforms and broadcasters in Turkey. I've lent my voice to diverse characters, from Chris Lilley's comedy in Netflix’s “Lunatics” to the intensity of Riz Ahmed in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. Each role brings a new challenge, a unique story, and emotion to convey. With a background in conservatory education and acting from Istanbul, I bring not just technical expertise but a deep-seated passion and family heritage in voice acting. As a dubbing director, I sculpt narratives for Turkish audiences, balancing original intent with cultural nuances. Join me in this symphony of voices, where characters come alive with unmatched passion and energy. Let’s weave stories that resonate and linger in memories. Adilcan Demirel Turkish Voice Over / Dubbing Director / Voice Actor

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