Ahmed Saleh Hasan, voice actor

Ahmed Saleh Hasan, voice actor

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      Originally I was Graduated as a Civil Engineer .. but as I have -a good voice- singing was my companion & my hope .. so I started to work in it beside my work as a Civil Engineer .. during that many chance to voice over came across .. then I was advised to take care of voice over & train for it , as many saw in me a good voice over .. so I did .. specially when I started to study sound Engineering & work as a Sound Engineer .. recording for many voice overs .. & learn a lot from each one of them .. recording Quran , which is the main source for right Arabic Vocabulary exits .. then I got many training sessions for that from the great stature in this field .. meanwhile I was discovered by an executive producer to perform & act in an Educational cartoon series .. then I did about 8 characters .. & thus I chanced many opportunities to act & voice Over .. but really the most positive effect in making progress in that is working with that huge number of voice overs & actors & learn from each one of them .. now I own a small studio in Cairo working in all kinds of recording specially .. E.Learning projects , Audio Book Projects , advertising tracks , Cartoon recording & sound design for its Episodes , & may the music of it also , in addition .. I record music track for a wide range of known musical genres here in Egypt .. my major interest is in voice as my work is to narrate & voice over & sing .. beside my musical activity which procreated many songs & many concerts with my own band .

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