Alastair Cameron, voice actor

Alastair Cameron, voice actor

# SJKO314Years as a chorister gave Alastair a rich, clear, bass voice
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      About Alastair Cameron

      Alastair is an experienced narrator and audiobook producer with nearly 90 books to his name. As well as narrating audiobooks he has produced voiceovers for adverts, explainer videos, phone systems and other media. Originally from Kent he is now based in Budapest, Hungary. Whilst his Hungarian is not quite up to recording solely in that language yet, it is improving.

      Alastair Cameron's reviews

      4.9(40 reviews)
      Sasha L. -
      "I love Bunny Studio! I have been creating/producing professional video project for 10+ years. Now that I am in a marketing role, I don't have time to create the content I need. However, I still need high quality content. Bunny Studio is extremely fast, produces quality work and has assisted with all of the little details that are easy to gloss over. I especially appreciate having a real human emailing me along the way and answering my many questions. 10/10"
      Miguel M. -
      "All great!"
      Tomas L. -
      "Excellent work as always from Alastair"
      Tomas L. -
      "Excellent, flawless work, as always"
      Tomas L. -
      "I've been sending projects to Alastair for several months now, and Im stil aazed at the speed of delivery and the quality of his work. would definitely recommend!"

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