Alberto de Souza Neto, voice actor

Alberto de Souza Neto, voice actor

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      My artistic name is Beto Mazza, today I am 53 years old, I live in Araraquara in the interior of the state of São Paulo here in Brazil, I work with voice since 1,985 as an FM radio announcer, in 2,001 I set up my studio at home with good audio quality , I use AKG C414XL mic and Universal Audio processor and I started to work a lot on it, I record for advertising agencies, video and audio producers here and for a Spanish producer called DVO (Dani Voice Over) that produces a lot of material for multinationals that have branches here in Brazil, I have some videos on Youtube that I use for portfolio, just type Beto Mazza there in the search field and some Vt's will appear.

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