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      Creative and talented, I am originally a Plastic Artist who has permeated the various paths of art for over 15 years and now I have been dedicating myself to expressing my art through communication. I'm a singer and I've been a member of the Coral Libercanto soprano band for 8 years. I have a degree in Communication and Public Speaking from Conquer and Publicity Voice with Nadya Shuiwngel. I've performed opening shows, lectures and workshops as a presenter and master of Ceremony. I collaborated on Rede Globo's TV show Planeta Vanguarda, with the group Eu Que Fiz with tips on sustainable art and decoration. I develop several voiceover styles: Natural and Conversational, Institutional and Corporate, Retail, URA, Audio Book and Audio Description, Training, Internet Videos, VoiceOver, telephone waiting, among others. My vocal personality ranges from a "joviality", which inspires lightness and energy - to a "maturity", which conveys confidence and drama. I am always attuned to market trends, serving with speed, quality and responsibility. I have a complete Home Studio structure and I work full-time as an announcer, I can record at the ideal time for you! How about a new voice for your project?

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