AndrewsVoices, voice actor

AndrewsVoices, voice actor

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      Hi I’m Andrew from Raleigh, NC. I grew up in Omaha, NE with a musical background having been involved in music and or theatre for the bulk of my adolescence. I went to NECC on a vocal music scholarship and graduated with honors with a degree in Audio and Recording technology. I left Nebraska after college and moved to New York where I worked in public service for many years. After retiring from that career myself and my family relocated to Raleigh where we are currently raising our two daughters. I have a passion for animation and for the ability to create and deliver characters that are sincere and believeable. My vocal training has given me insight into how to manipulate my voice in different ways and I hope to be able to bring my vocal, technical and life experience into any recording session and leave you with a brilliant and believable performance.

      AndrewsVoices's reviews

      4.9(20 reviews)
      Scott A. -
      "awesome! I will be using for all of our small videos in the future."
      Marija B. -
      "Great work!"
      Bob W. -
      "Nice work! Thx!"
      Derick D. -
      "Really great work thanks, very satisfied, and I cannot believe how fast it was delivered."
      Yael D. -
      "Patient and professional"

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