Angela Nirsberger, voice actor

Angela Nirsberger, voice actor

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    Angela's voice is pleasant, smooth, and engaging as it resonates with a warm, soothing, inviting tone. While her pronunciation is pure and crisp in an American accent; she is millennial, fun, empathetic, genuine, approachable, friendly, conversational. She can also sound loving, uplifting, motherly, middle aged. Angela is sultry, playful, upbeat, intuitive and confident. When appropriate she sounds bold, comedic, flirty or sarcastic but strives at emitting sophistication, trust, professionalism, style, intelligence, upscale, and attitude. "I am a seasoned accounting professional by trade with many fans of my voice strongly encouraging me to share it with the world. I have been professionally trained by fantastic VO producers through a course completed and a few practice sessions in the booth. My voice portfolio is small as I am new to the industry; consisting of phone systems, instructional audio for educational purpose, security sound systems calmly warning folks to evacuate and some samples used in where I have signed non disclosure agreements. I am wicked excited entering this new adventure in voice over as I begin marketing myself."

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