Bayan Abou Chacra, voice actor

Bayan Abou Chacra, voice actor

# RNFE4S8Warm, Rich and Flexible voice
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        Bunny Pro for 4 years

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      I am a voiceover professional with more than 12 years experience in audio recording, supported by a diploma in Professional Sound and Business (Studio production major) from Metalworks Institute - With Honours. I am knowledgeable in the industry software and technologies. I worked with many studios, Radios and TV channels all over the middle east, such as National Geographic Abu Dhabi, Radio 4, Cartoon network and Disney channel, MBC etc... and with Many famous brands such as Toyota, Audi, Samsung, AL Ain Water and many others. My voice is Flexible as you can hear from my demos, I can do everything from Narration, to commercials, to Drama, and even Cartoon. So, tell me, what kind of voice are you looking for ?

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      4.8(14 reviews)
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      "The work is professional, and the actor did a greate job, thanks"
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