Guy Next Door, voice actor

Guy Next Door, voice actor

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      About Guy Next Door

      Over 15 years of voice acting experience. Pro studio equipment: Microphones -Sennheiser MKH 416 -Neumann TLM 103

      Guy Next Door's reviews

      4.9(1477 reviews)
      Erin C. -
      "Guy followed my instructions to a T. No revisions were required and he had such a quick turnaround. My project was perfect!"
      Carli B. -
      "Perfection! As always! Thank you so so much!"
      Carli B. -
      "So good! Thank you so much!"
      Carli B. -
      "Wow! So fast! And perfect! Thank you Guy!! You're the best!"
      Cammi C. -
      "Exactly what I was looking for! Fantastic job Guy!!"

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