Carlie Williams, voice actor

Carlie Williams, voice actor

# U7QIO1CStrong and articulate male voice with varying talents.
4.9(10 reviews)
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      I have been involved with acting and singing for the majority of my life both on stage and recording. As an actor the majority of my roles were of strong male leads. As a singer my range varies from 2nd tenor to bass. I have recorded several books from 10,000 to 70,000 words (3 to 7 finished hours) and have experience with editing and finalizing recordings. I have extensive experience in recording/editing ads, commercials and announcements.

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      4.9(10 reviews)
      Amy P. -
      "Great work!"
      Kathleen A. -
      "Wonderful! You really brought the character to life!"
      Elizabeth F. -
      "Quick turnaround and professional, high-quality work delivered by the voice talent and project management team!"
      Elizabeth F. -
      "Great work! Quick turnaround and the voice actor did a great job of responding to the unique needs of each of the voiceovers by bringing a professional and personal quality to them."
      Elizabeth F. -
      "I am very pleased with the deliverables. The quick turnaround and the professional quality of the voice talent and what was delivered makes me keep coming back for more!"