Chris Stout, voice actor

Chris Stout, voice actor

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4.8(86 reviews)
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      • Bunny Pro for 3 years

        Bunny Pro for 3 years

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      Chris Stout is a voice talent who works tirelessly to bolster his client’s marketing strategies through his natural yet engaging delivery. As a marketing professional, Chris is a uniquely qualified resource who stands ready to help capture the attention of his client’s audience and tell their story.

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      4.8(86 reviews)
      Chris D. -
      "Fantastic work! Exactly what I wanted with a super quick turnaround."
      bren s. -
      "Fast turnaround, professional quality"
      gregory m. -
      "Just perfect !!! Thank you so much it was so fast and you did what I needed. Better than expected. Thank you so much Chris. "
      Andrew C. -
      "This project was time sensitive and Chris turned around a professional track at lightning speed. Fantastic quality"
      Jennifer S. -
      "This is great! Chris' best work yet. I think we're really starting to nail down the tone, inflection, and cadence of the "voice of Highspot.""