Chris Stout, voice actor

Chris Stout, voice actor

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4.8(130 reviews)
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      • Bunny Pro for 4 years

        Bunny Pro for 4 years

        Has fulfilled 210 projects since 2019

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      Chris Stout is a voice talent who works tirelessly to bolster his client’s marketing strategies through his natural yet engaging delivery. As a marketing professional, Chris is a uniquely qualified resource who stands ready to help capture the attention of his client’s audience and tell their story.

      Chris Stout's reviews

      4.8(130 reviews)
      Heather S. -
      "Excellent quality, fast turnaround and responsive to revision requests. Thank you for the great work!"
      Peter T. -
      "Great job - perfectly read and quick delivery. Just what we need!"
      Connie F. -
      "We appreciated the quick turnaround time and accommodating our revision request right away. Chris was able to create a tone and pace that was both friendly and authoritative. With minimal direction, Chris intuitively emphasized the correct words in the script, which will help our exam takers understand how to follow the critical instructions."
      Eva H. -
      "Wonderful and fast as always!"
      Drea G. -
      "Chris is amazing."

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