Christiane B., voice actor

Christiane B., voice actor

# BBH5R60Clear, cheerful, and confident sound that turns every head!
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      About Christiane B.

      Christiane Boles is a New York City trained voice over actor who has studied with Shelly Shenoy, Maggie Phillips, and Evan Malter. Christiane excels in finding the exact tone you want to sell your product or character. She is also a trained singer, has worked on film, and can match almost any accent.

      Christiane B.'s reviews

      4.9(19 reviews)
      Ciceron A. -
      "nailed it on the first try! very impressed with the speed and quality!"
      Anne Z. -
      "lots of energy and fast turn around time - thank you!!"
      Anne Z. -
      "quick turnaround and nailed it on the first round! We appreciate that!"
      John R. -
      "Loved getting the auditions, many of them worked well for this project. The voice we picked was a perfect fit for the video commercial. The performance was great and the revision requests were delivered quickly and accurately. Smooth, fast, seamless experience. Will continue to use VoiceBunny exclusively for our voiceover needs."
      ?? -

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