Corey LeVier, voice actor

Corey LeVier, voice actor

# 2ID5A33OVoices range from young adult, adult and elder, accents also
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      - Hello, my name is Corey LeVier. I'm a voice actor who specializes in male voices. I'm comfortable performing roles as a male teen, young adult, adult and elder. My voice has excellent range, reaching both low and high pitches. - I have experience voicing in animations, video games, audio novels, trailers, commercials and narrations. In various projects, I acquired lead roles which contained 500+ lines. - I currently live in Boise, Idaho and record from my home studio. I own a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2, 3rd gen audio interface, Focusrite XLR microphone and record my audio via Adobe Audition. My computer is a HP Pavilion and runs on Microsoft 10 software. - I edit all of my audio and I am self taught. I hold my audio editing skills to high standards and submit the best quality possible. - As a voice actor, I'm very coachable and willing to try new styles in order to provide the best possible recording for the director.

      Corey LeVier's reviews

      5(7 reviews)
      Theo N. -
      "Amazing voice capacity. It has been a pleasure. With multiple characters and multiple reads, they all sound quite original. Thank you."
      Scooter -
      "Absolutely fantastic. Exactly what was required. Thank you!"
      Fntastic -
      Vladimir T. -
      William S. -

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