Cris Macharete, voice actor

Cris Macharete, voice actor

# 34NE2P6OVersatile voice connecting people | Brazilian Portuguese | Fast Delivery | The real Bunny | Conversational | Confident | Corporate | Business | Friendly...
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      Cris's voice has been described as "Articulately Conversational". She has been involved with VO for at least 20 years, but started working full-time in 2017. She has actively collaborated on corporate campaigns, e-learning, audio guides, voice-overs for phone systems, apps and many other productions. She has an authentic and friendly style and her versatility makes her the ideal choice for any project and she is here to offer you a high-quality natural voice-over service. Her voice is pleasant and versatile and can help you create a unique and captivating listening experience for your audience. She is always looking to exceed his clients' expectations, offering a personalized service and meeting all their needs.

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      4.8(8 reviews)
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