Daisy Ellis, voice actor

Daisy Ellis, voice actor

# 32J2AT7SConversational, trustworthy, engaging mid-tone voice.
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      Greetings! I'm a Chicago-based actress with a background in theater, TV and improv with a love of all things audio. I've produced a range of projects, including commercials, corporate animation, e-learning, medical narration, gaming, IVR phone systems and more. Some of my clients include RenewLife, The Discovery Channel, IUH Healthcare, LaVazza Coffee, American Express, Epic School Kids, Thomas Bagels and Learning Resources. My set-up includes a Sennhesier MKH 416 Mic, Scarlett Solo, Mac Desktop, Pro Tools. Fully treated studio with ability to Zoom, Source Connect or Phone Patch live sessions. Studio collaboration is always welcome.

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      5(3 reviews)
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