Dale de la Fuente, voice actor

Dale de la Fuente, voice actor

# 2SI895R4Unique voice, that doesn't sound like anyone else. Chameleon when needed, but shines like no other.
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      Hey! I'm Dale. I am a full time voice artist located in Texas. I have a unique blend of an American accent with Texan, and slight Hispanic when need be. Living by the Texas border, I am bilingual and can voice in Spanish as well. I've voiced for companies all across the globe from Univision to the Asia Society. Although my voice is unique and does not sound like many others, it is still warm and friendly to fit in your spot without standing out. I voice in a sound treated room, with a Gefell M930 microphone, an Avalon 737 (hardware + software) Apollo Interface, MacBook Pro, Reaper and Pro Tools.

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      5(4 reviews)
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      "Great delivery, thank you!"
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