Dan Mills, voice actor

Dan Mills, voice actor

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      Voiceover artist for clients including: ATP Tour, Engage Sports Media (City TV), Endemol (Total Rugby), Motion Graphics (Bupa) & Wired (Buena Vista International). I'm also a radio presenter with 10+ years experience in London, Cardiff, Bristol and nationally on the Heart Network (UK).

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      4.9(41 reviews)
      Marc M. -
      "Thank you Dan, this is perfect once again "
      Imad D. -
      "Thanks for yur excellent work!"
      Marc M. -
      "Second time I have used this Bunny Pro - again, ridiculously quick turnaround - within the hour!"
      Patrick E. -
      "Reliable and very well delivered. Appreciate the help and effort."
      Patrick E. -
      "Great job in 1 take."

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