Danny Doyle, voice actor

Danny Doyle, voice actor

# 33N3JAOKTrained actor with naturally deep voice, versatile delivery style, and home studio.
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      I am a trained actor and musician with my own home studio. I have 14+ years of experience in performing music and theatre. Recently returning to the acting landscape, I have decided to move into voice-acting. Since making this move in September 2021, I have gained non-exclusive representation with a US-based agency, registered as a verified freelancer with a UK-based agency (non-exclusive), and narrated a short non-fiction audiobook. I have a diverse range, from friendly, warm, upbeat and conversational, to menacing, authoritative, announcer and commercial. Most of my range registers on the lower end of the scale, with a naturally deep, gravelly voice. My main accents are British-English; Received Pronunciation/Prestige, and London/Urban/Cockney. I am able to act solo or with other actors and can produce high-quality audio remotely.

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