Dean Wendt, voice actor

Dean Wendt, voice actor

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      He is perfect for your CorporateBusiness video, ExplainerProductWeb video, Whiteboard animation, Phone system recording, eLearning course, urgent recording, Narration, web, character voice over. Does character voices like Elmo, Homer Simpson, Bill Clinton, Obama, Bush, Jack Nicholson. Impersonations, sound alike, conversational vocal range from young adult, middle aged and senior, 20s, 30s, 40s something. Versatile, Creative, Smooth, Rich, Humorous, Aggressive, Authoritative, Silly, Fun, Friendly, Conversational, Guy-Next-Door, Encouraging,Youthful, Uplifting and More! Accents Neutral, Mid-Atlantic, Texas, Southern, New York, Midwestern, Redneck, Goombah, French, German, SpanishHispanic, Italian, Asian, and many others! He is very easy to work with and is more than willing to take directions and constructive criticism. He always gives 110!! This is precisely why clients come back, again and again. Clients include, ABC, Seaworld, Taco Bell, Ambit Electricity, Miller Lite, Mattel and so much more. Much of his VO work includes, but is not limited to TV Commercials Radio Commercials Video Games Medical Narrations Corporate Narrations On-Hold Telephony Character Work Internet Commercials Online-Upstart Videos Full production studio provided. Dean will produce your VO commercial from scratch if necessary, with all FX, music, etc. Here are what some clients have recently said about Dean We just completed our second project with Dean. He is an amazing talent who does fast, high quality work. Dean is an absolute pleasure to work with and someone that I would highly recommend for your next project. My team and I are definitely looking forward to working with him again in the future. Dean Wendt is a wonderful professional talent that will work with your budget to deliver high quality voice over work. I cant recommend him enough! Weve even begun personally recommending him to our clients. - Don Radhay | Founder of Kukuzoo Dean is AMAZING! ~ I originally awarded the job to another voice talent, of which I then kicked myself for doing, since that person went MIA in the middle of the job... So, a month later, after trying to get a final revision from the original selected talent with no response, I decided to message Dean to see if he was still interested in working with me on this job. He promptly replied and was genuinely excited to jump on board. We were delayed in an official capacity -- since the support team had to manually change payment assignment in escrow which they did a great and quick job doing; thanks again, Lin and Laura!; however, Dean went above and beyond and actually produced a few takes BEFORE we could officially change the job assignment over to him. This allowed me to review and make one revision request, and then he nailed it on the 2nd revision -- all in under 24 hours! If you have VO needs, hire Dean and youll be set! Thanks

      Dean Wendt's reviews

      4.8(1422 reviews)
      Guido R. -
      "superfast and great quality as always"
      Guido R. -
      "Super fast and on spot"
      Guido R. -
      "great job, as always!"
      Joseph D. -
      "Great work, you've got a great voice and appreciate the deliverables we've received last few conferences. Unfortunately price really skyrocketed this year and that will require us to find new announcers moving forward."
      Andriy K. -
      "All is good"

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