Desmond Swiegelaar, voice actor

Desmond Swiegelaar, voice actor

# 2PE2HU3CAccents, Characters, Professional and a Sense of Humour!
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      Desmond showed an interest in drama and performance from a young age. Spending most of his time acting out lines from movies and singing songs from musicals. This became a huge part of who he is today. He started experimenting with different accents; creating his variety of characters and giving them a personality with a voice of their own. Desmond has a great sense of humour. He is hardworking and gets things done! He is always looking for the next challenge and opportunity to learn new skills; which improves and sharpens the ones he already has. In short, Desmond seizes any and every opportunity to make use of his voice - whether it be making people laugh or selling something to a customer. So that’s a little insight into the world of Desmond. Always ready to raise the glass on a new challenge!

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