Devin Baird, voice actor

Devin Baird, voice actor

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4.9(50 reviews)
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        Bunny Pro for 2 years

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      I am a self taught voice over artist located in Utah. I have worked with hundreds of clients on commercials, video games, radio spots, machinima, video game advertisements, educational training, podcasts, and many more! Throughout all of my experience, I have always ensured that my clients are left satisfied no matter what, and I will make sure you find yourself among them!

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      4.9(50 reviews)
      F.F.S. Video G. -
      "Thanks! Good voice and fast delievery."
      OIga G. -
      "Thank you so much!"
      James M. -
      "Great work! Incredibly fast and exactly what I wanted. Thank you!"
      Ricky O. -
      "Nice read of the script."
      Ricky O. -
      "Nice work and fast turnaround."

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