Tatiana Paucinova, voice actor

Tatiana Paucinova, voice actor

# 107IOIGCAvailable from Dec 30, 11:00pmFemale voiceover in Slovak language. You need it, we deliver
4.2(4 reviews)
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      About Tatiana Paucinova

      We are actually a duo. Tatiana and Dominik. Tatiana is the beautiful voice and the guy turning the knobs and pressing buttons to make the audio sound nice is Dominik. Together we make a perfect team to deliver a perfect audio in Slovak language for your project! We are native Slovaks so we can even help you edit the text to make sure evertyhing is correct and your message will be delivered as you meant it.

      Tatiana Paucinova's reviews

      4.2(4 reviews)
      Timoté B. -
      "Thanks. Fast and good voice."
      Stannah -
      Tomáš V. -
      "We would appreciate if it'll be possible to ask more then one voice actor and pay afterwards for the best one we'll decide choose to use. Especially when it's a very short project (it has 6 sec.) even if it would be just a few seconds sample."
      Marina -
      "When doing EN voiceovers, the quality is usually high, however the Slovak one was not in the quaity we have expected"

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