Dwight Kuhlman, voice actor

Dwight Kuhlman, voice actor

# 79T8NKConversational, Versatile, Friendly, Believable, Reliable
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      About Dwight Kuhlman

      Dwight is one of the most versatile VO pros in the business. He can bring it home in a high-energy car spot and ratchet down for a compassionate person-to-person conversational read. He can deliver as a corporate spokesman and bring a story to life with his caring and warm tone. When it's time for multiple characters, there are hundreds running through his head and out his mouth, including males, females, animals, warriors, monsters, etc. In the end, most importantly, he is always believable. Some call him The Voice of Reason. As a bonus; he provides incredibly fast turnaround. Dwight works from his professional quality home studio in Los Angeles.

      Dwight Kuhlman's reviews

      4.9(60 reviews)
      Mary Margaret D. -
      "This voice actor is an amazing professional who nailed it the first time! All the pronunciations were spot on and we didn't need any revisions. The only other comment I have is that this DOES NOT sound like the voice sample we chose. It sounds like a completely different person. Please review the samples you have for this actor against the deliverable here. We liked his work so much that we are changing our animation to more closely match this voice, but would not always want to do something like that."
      "Thank you for your excellent work! You, as always on top!"
      Aaron O. -
      "Great as always!"
      Jordana G. -
      "Thanks so much! I was so impressed with the different ending options."
      Dexter C. -
      "Voice Bunny is the fastest bunny in town! The turnaround time and quality is superb. We're so happy with this project and would use it again."

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