Emilie Mauchausse, voice actor

Emilie Mauchausse, voice actor

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      I have a naturally empathetic, warm and authoritative voice, which brings depth to characters who are motherly, caring, wise and/or sexy. As a versatile character actor, my default voice can also morph into conveying some quirky, dark or hysterical facets of the human personality. As a native French speaker, I speak English with a light French accent, or general European. These natural traits were fashioned by four years of research & teaching as a PhD candidate in literary studies at Brown University, ten years of spiritual investigation in one of South India's spiritual cradles and two years of intensive acting training at The Actor’s Door Studio in London. My voice is particularly conducive to bringing to life any inspirational, care-giving oriented, spiritual and suggestive material that needs to be taken off the page. Very much looking forward to working with you on your desired project!

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