Erica Holden, voice actor

Erica Holden, voice actor

# 3EUD9VMSOffering a wide variety of vocal styles - from maternal and warm, upbeat and relatable, to intelligent and authoritative
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      Hi, I’m Erica and I'm an enthusiastic and versatile voice actor with a background in theatre, audio/video production, higher education and elder care. In each role, I’ve given voice to everything from brand anthems and commercials to corporate training programs and IVR phone and PA systems, as well as dozens of characters and accents for audiobooks, animation and video games. I’m a skilled mimic, so if you provide the pronunciation, I’ll do my best to match it! Having worked in video production for eight years myself, I know the pressure and controlled chaos that comes with every project, and I pride myself on making the voice over phase go as smoothly as possible for you - I look forward to working with you!

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      4.8(14 reviews)
      David M. -
      "Outstanding job! Thanks Erica!"
      Sergio N. -
      "Great work!"
      Full Z. -
      Arianna A. -
      "Great read, exactly what I was looking for! And quick delivery, I will definitely be booking again, thank you!"
      George G. -
      "thank you!! perfect"

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