Erica Holden, voice actor

Erica Holden, voice actor

# 3EUD9VMSVersatile, Warm, Conversational Female Voice Over
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      Versatile. Warm. Conversational. Upbeat. These are just a few words that have been used to describe Erica Holden’s voice. Her passion for voiceover was sparked when she was six years old, recording her favorite Star Wars, Star Trek, and Archie comics. To support her ambition, she trained in acting and productions throughout high school, junior college and university, where she received her BA in Radio/TV/Film. She became an audio/video editor and production manager for eight years, performing voiceovers throughout, and everywhere she’s worked since. Now, she’s focusing her work on her first love: voiceovers. Capable of characters of all kinds and almost a dozen accents - from an evil British queen to a childlike character with braces or a gruff Scottish man, Erica's deeper-toned, versatile voice is ideal for everything from narration and audiodramas to commercials, promos to corporate walkthrough videos, and many more. Erica has a wide range, and the familiarity with production that allows her to better collaborate with her clients. Let her partner with you and be the voice for your next project!

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      4.8(13 reviews)
      Sergio N. -
      "Great work!"
      Full Z. -
      Arianna A. -
      "Great read, exactly what I was looking for! And quick delivery, I will definitely be booking again, thank you!"
      George G. -
      "thank you!! perfect"
      George G. -
      "very good pronunciation of the tricky words, thank you"

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