George Hoctor, voice actor

George Hoctor, voice actor

# 11LNBNUGHigh-octane madman one minute, soft and charming the next
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      Equipment Used: Tube MP Pre-Amp dbx 266xs Audio Compressor Focusrite Scarlet Solo XLR to USB Interface Rode NT-1 Microphone Born in Chattanooga, TN, the self proclaimed Doctor, Dr. George Miller Hoctor, fell in love with cartoons as any young child would. This led to his talent for impersonating the styles of his role models, voice actors like Mel Blanc, Jim Cummings, Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen and many other actors from the world of animation. He began his professional career on YouTube with a group called Lunar Comics (Formerly PShattuck Productions), a comic dubbing channel that focused on original productions, fan base comics and weird and wonderful productions that gave Hoctor his break as a voice actor. He graduated at Chattanooga State Community College, Cum Laude with an Associate's Degree in Digital Media Design and Production with a minor in Radio and TV Production. He joined the Rubbish Log Production group as their narrator for "The Call of the Flame". Later, he joined Phantasmal Bard Studios for the narration of "The Anthologies of Ullord" and several other productions. This has led to his legacy roles in several productions that would feature his deep voiced, bard like narration, numerous monster and thug roles. Later, he connected with the creators of an animated series from Russia known as "Metal Family" to voice several characters for the English dub of popular animated series. Do what you love and if it makes people happy, do it more - George Hoctor

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