Guy Thillet, voice actor

Guy Thillet, voice actor

# 2QBC4E0KThe perfect voice for your educational, brand, or explainer videos, the best character for your next creative project and the best presenter for your sales videos and webinars!
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      Guy Thillet is versatile, professional, and energetic voice actor and is ready to add that special sparkle to your next project. Whether you need a friendly and informative voice for your commercial, an engaging and entertaining presenter for your software tutorials or training curriculum, a variety of dramatic or comedic characters for your cartoon or video game, or an exciting voice for your new movie trailer, Guy will provide you the voice you need for the project of your dreams. A master mimic, Guy has a vast arsenal of accents, characters and impersonations that can fit your needs. Whether it be Scottish, Australian, most American regional, British, Latino, Indian, European, Asian or Russian English accents, Guy will provide! Recording from his home studio, Guy has a 5-star rating on, is an Upwork Top-Rated voice artist, and is tireless in seeking the satisfaction of his clients. He is dedicated to producing exactly to the specifications of his clients, and allows for multiple revisions to achieve 100% success. In addition to being the perfect voice, he is also an experienced audio engineer.

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      5(1 review)
      HMI M. -
      "This was the best VO we have received so far on BS. I will definitely keep this voice as a favorite for future projects."

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