J. Wesley Price, voice actor

J. Wesley Price, voice actor

# SEHKLBCLucid, thoughtful, articulate delivery. Prompt and precise!
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      As a voiceover artist, I specialize in narrating in a lucid, informative style in a general North American accent that works excellently for fiction and nonfiction alike, including documentary-style narration, e-learning content, storytelling, animation, etc. In addition to working on various small projects, I have worked through Amazon/Audible's ACX, producing multiple audiobooks for in60Learning, and recently, a longer work on the history of the Imperial Japanese flag for Sophie Hammond and Kelly Suen. Some seemingly disconnected aspects of my background have proven to tie in rather well for voice acting. Several semesters of vocal training in the Collegium Musicum choir at the University of Georgia helped me gain mastery over the range, timbre, and versatility of my voice. My academic background in linguistics and graduate studies in history have served me well not only in navigating difficult words and names ranging from French to Japanese, for example, but also in making interpretive decisions about inflection and overall delivery. Lastly, my own reliance on audiobooks for personal study and enjoyment has given me an increased sensitivity towards the nuances and demands of producing high-quality audio content.

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