#Q4Ul8PG, voice actor

#Q4Ul8PG, voice actor

# Q4UI8PGProfessional|friendly|confident|conversational|inspirational
4.9(140 reviews)
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        Silver Bunny Pro

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        Bunny Pro for 4 years

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      A multifaceted talent who has voiced for Hibbett Sports, Pampers, Holiday Inn, and more; her voice can be neutral or urban, nurturing or rigid - just to name a few - and has been used by hundreds of companies whether on television or the radio, online, or on hold.

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      4.9(140 reviews)
      Nate S. -
      "Thanks for the update."
      Timothy K. -
      "This voice actress is so professional and a rarity -- she can get inside the words and deliver them with tremendous personality. HIGHLY recommend."
      Sande G. -
      "Quick, accurate, good sound quality"
      Mark B. -
      "Love it, thank you!"
      Mina J. -
      "she BODIED this audio! this is perfection."