Javaughn Henry, voice actor

Javaughn Henry, voice actor

# RLA5DPCAn Energetic and Dynamic voice with a smooth delivery!
4.9(50 reviews)
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        Bunny Pro for 4 years

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      Your project doesn't just deserve another old voice, everyone has one of those. Your project deserves a creative partner who won't stop until you are satisfied. With over Ten years of experience and having worked with companies such as; Facebook, BMW, Budweiser, Amazon, Spotify, and hundreds more it's not just his confident, down-to-earth, and commanding voice that companies seek. It's also Javaughn's professional, friendly, and collaborative spirit that turns clients into friends. Javaughn received his B.A. in Audio Production from Western Connecticut State University. While pursuing his degree he attended 25 additional training classes ranging from improv classes, scene study, private lessons, and more. After graduation, Javaughn continued to study while booking work through freelance streams. He wanted to give back to his community, so he started teaching classes for audio engineering, voice-over, and on-camera work all while using this time to focus on the basics of his technique. As he worked with his students, he was honing his own craft into a style that more fluidly utilizes the tools he has picked up over the years. Now that his time in the classroom is coming to a close, Javaughn is looking forward to coming back to the voice-over field full-time. His grounding in technique and the new skills he has gained has prepared him for this exciting chapter in his professional life.

      Javaughn Henry's reviews

      4.9(50 reviews)
      Daniel M. -
      "Extremely quick turn around much appreciated. We will use this voice actor again."
      Reuben H. -
      "Great work as always Javaughn!"
      Daniel L. -
      "Great effort and engagement from the reader! As always wish that we would be receiving more options from the beginning (like we normally do when we work directly in a studio) instead of always one proposal. "
      Reuben H. -
      "Javaughn hit the nail on the head out of the gate - great voice over artist, will use again."
      Gabe W. -
      "Fantastic work, thanks!"

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