Gordian Arneth, voice actor

Gordian Arneth, voice actor

# 2U5A1DISGerman voice professional with a warm, crisp voice
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      Gordians´s voice impresses with its sympathy, presence and authenticity - and through his large repertoire of attitudes and emotions. During his work as a documentary film director, he has recorded texts for a large number of productions himself. He has always convinced his well-known professional clients. He enjoys speaking so much that he also made this art his profession. His professionalism in directing helps both, him and you, to find the right language pose. Credentials: From A for Audible, ARTE and ARD television over B like BBC ... to Z for ZDF television. Training: 1996 - 1998 University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt / Main 1995-1998 member of the “Schauspiel Frankfurt am Main” ensemble 2002 - 2004 member of the “Schauspiel Köln” ensemble 1998 - 2000 moderation, speech training, television internship, Saarbrücken 2014 - 2016 speaker training Vocalis, Berlin 2020 training in dubbing drama, Yellow Dubmarine, Berlin Since 2006 freelance journalist, reporter, filmmaker for arte, ARD, ZDF.

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      4.8(9 reviews)
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