Jon Pimentel, voice actor

Jon Pimentel, voice actor

# SDDI82SAvailable from Aug 09, 4:00pmVersatile voice for characters and narration. Many accents.
4.9(36 reviews)
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      Jon has a background in theater and improv comedy. He has done voice work for indie films and video games, including Relic Hunter (Brigham Young University, 2015) . Jon specializes in character voices (including monsters) but has experience in narration. Accents include (but are not limited to) Scottish, Irish, Russian, Wisconsin, New York, and many dialects from England.

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      4.9(36 reviews)
      blowfire -
      "Very professional, quick response"
      Erin H. -
      Erin H. -
      Vladimir R. -
      "Excellent work! Great voice over - provided a variety of takes and all were very professional. Understood the lines and the context super well. Very quick deliveries with high quality audio."
      tony -
      "Very professional?"

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