JP Wright, voice actor

JP Wright, voice actor

# 2O7DK894Professional voice artist and accent coach with a huge range of accents and tones ! Conversational,Deep,Husky,Character voices,Old man ,Wizard,Gandalf,Joe Pesci,Grandad , Angry , Aggressive, Commercial , Friendly , Relaxed,Happy,Upbeat,Commentator, Announcer ,Radio voice,Dramatic,Energetic,North American ,Italian American ,New York,Southern American, Texan,British,British RP,Scottish,Liverpool,London Cockney,Yorkshire,Irish,Northern Irish, Dublin, Australian, French,German,Russian,Eastern European,Asian,Chinese,Japanese,Italian,Viking.Pirate,Mobster,Santa Claus, , David Attenborough,Senior male, Middle aged.Football commentator and Soccer announcer.
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      Professional voice actor a huge range of accents and tones and over 15 years experience in the industry . Having worked with brands such as Netflix , NHL , Rogers Sportsnet ,Visa, Nintendo and many more you will be a guaranteed a high quality voice over often delivered in under 24 hours! Check out my samples which showcase my range of accents from New York Italian American , Texan , Irish , Scottish, London Cockney , Yorkshire , French , German , Mexican , Russian , Chinese and more which have been used in video games , Cartoons, Commercials , Animations and audio books around the world . Contact me today and I will bring your project to life!

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      5(21 reviews)
      Jason F. -
      "Great job man!"
      Bartosz P. -
      "Perfect job!"
      Bartosz P. -
      "Very good!"
      Justina R. -
      "thanks for all the support"
      Derren J. -
      "Wonderful work!"

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