Katherine Mataganas, voice actor

Katherine Mataganas, voice actor

# 2IF421ASActing out of PASSION makes me FEEL every script I deliver.
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      I started my career as Voice Artist after recovering from depression. It became a part of the purpose I've been searching for. I want to use my voice to be an inspiration to others. Here's a summary of my experience in Voice Acting: November 2019 - I uploaded my 1st youtube video (about depression). That was just the beginning of my journey as a Youtuber and a Voice Artist. I've watched one of the videos about voice acting by Ms. Kathleen Kaye Sone and then I've uploaded several more Voice Over videos and after just few months, my channel was monetized. December 2019 - I joined the Voice Acting Team seminar of Creativoices Productions, a Voice Acting School in the Philippines. March 2020 - I joined the Voice Act Now work shop of the same Voice Acting School. I also got my first 6 Voice Over projects with an International Company during this time. April - June 2020 - I've attended series of voice acting webinars from the same Voice Acting School. I've done free voice over public announcements related to Covid 19. To be continued. :). Thank you so much for taking time reading my bio :)

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      5(2 reviews)
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