Kirran Andrews, voice actor

Kirran Andrews, voice actor

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      Kirran Andrews is a highly-skilled voice talent, delivering professional content that exceeds expectations, while capable of adapting and succeeding in any kind of project. Very creative & able to produce various, diverse voices for characters (youths, elders, animals, toys, monsters, Anime, Cartoons, heroes, villains, etc...) Can articulate in speech or use versatile-styled dialogue. Effective in evoking a specific tone, mood, emotion, and visual scene. Capable of a deep voice, soft voice, angry tone, calm mood, lucid emotion, and a plethora of other tangible personalities. Strives for excellence and is committed to any task, job or project while providing interactive communication, proactively seeking solutions, and open to any suggestions or constructive feedback. Voice acting is the art of creating a vivid, immersive reality with one's unique speech, inflection and vocal ambience. I enjoy this profession because of its importance in all forms of media, culture, and its constant growth. I believe this field of work has many developing talents and I am both capable and committed to contributing to it. A vocal gift is helpful in this area, but dedication, captivation, and diligence are the determining values that will build a successful product, or service. I do not record profanity, offensive material, or questionable content. Ex: Swearing, political hit pieces, attack scripts, overt lewdness...etc. Please message me to see whether the script/job is applicable to these standards.

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