Krzysztof Ogiela, voice actor

Krzysztof Ogiela, voice actor

# 1HBC5L5GWarm and strong voice, native Polish. English is my 2nd language.
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      Professional sound quality and customer service! How can I sound for you? :)

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      5(8 reviews)
      Lukas T. -
      "Great Work in Short Time! Thank you Krzysztof! This was a voiceover for an interactive training of 30 minutes. Krzysztof played nicely with the voice as whished."
      Remus G. -
      "Voice Bunny is fast, professional and deliveres high quality work. the should be a little lower in this period"
      Annabell B. -
      Artsiom M. -
      Mayleen R. -

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