Lola Lynn Rensink, voice actor

Lola Lynn Rensink, voice actor

# OCGS4HOWitty, sarcastic, warm, mother, friend, conversational
4.8(997 reviews)
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        Silver Bunny Pro

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        Bunny Pro for 5 years

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      Lola has been working in the VoiceOver industry for 4 years. She has a passion to get the work you need quickly because she she understands the importance of needing work done with a time restraint. But, not so quickly that it lacks quality. You will get 100 percent of her time and focus. Clients include: Ebay Old Navy Walmart Various Phone systems Spotify Radio commercials Bill Collins Ford Product videos And MANY many more.......

      Lola Lynn Rensink's reviews

      4.8(997 reviews)
      Ryane A. -
      "Amazing!! Thank you!"
      Jim S. -
      "It's great when the voice talent "gets it" right away. I wrote instructions for how I wanted the read to go and Ms. Lynn nailed it (as if reading my mind!) on the first take. Thanks. (PS. I cannot give you permission to repost the audio -- see below -- because this is a work for hire for a client who contractually will not give permission until the segment airs.)"
      Ricky O. -
      "Great read of the script."
      Ben M. -
      "Lola was great! Exactly the tone and voice we were looking for! Thanks, Lola!"
      VideoMonster -
      "Bellissima voce, veloce e disponibile!"

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