Loni Kappus, voice actor

Loni Kappus, voice actor

# 35BJPII4Relatable, playful, quirky, endearing, charismatic, sentimental… let’s go on a journey together!
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      Loni has been a professional voice actor for over 4 years. She has provided voice over for companies all over the world and loves sharing her talent and creative spirit to tell her clients’ stories. Acting in a range of entertainment industries has made her great at connecting with scripts and working with directors to make your project shine. Loni provides excellent service to all her clients with fast turnaround, self-engineering, hard work, versatility, attention to detail and variety. She is dedicated to delivering a performance that satisfies every client and is committed to building professional relationships that last. Loni provides voices and characters from children through early 40s with a variety of moods and attitudes. She has a 30 something every day speaking voice, lots of charisma, and is directable, open-minded, creative, real and relatable, with clear diction and explains complicated concepts clearly. Top tags: relatable, playful, quirky, endearing, charismatic, sentimental, kid, believable, friendly, gal next door, hip mom, professional, confident, animated, goofy, conversational, cool, inspirational, caring, calming, knowledgeable, sincere, cartoons, educational, sentimental, millennial, mature, cheeky, gentle, silly Top Projects: commercial, eLearning, telephony, character, corporate, narration, training, internet videos, tutorials, educational scripts, storyteller, legal, medical

      Loni Kappus's reviews

      4.9(133 Reviews)
      Ozge O. -
      "Thank you"
      Merve Zeynep K. -
      "I'm quite satisfied with what I have received."
      Yann C. -
      "Hi! I'm very sorry to come back to you so late: the project took a while to be completed & approved client side. The recording was great and a perfect fit for our project! We made some edits as there were some changes on the script, but nothing that required retakes. Thanks a lot for your commitment and help on this, really appreciate it! I hope we will collaborate again :)"
      Ed L. -
      "PERFECTION! Exactly as I had hoped!"
      Dale A. -
      "Fantastic talent and superb delivery! Thank you."

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