Lucus Tate, voice actor

Lucus Tate, voice actor

# 2O176VACEnergetic, warm, happy, confident, announcer, narrative.
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      Over 2 years of voice acting experience. Pro studio equipment: Microphones -Shure SM7B , Lewitt LCT 240 Pro Recording Interface: Zoom H6 Authority, Confident, Warm, Explainer, Professional, Friendly, over the top, Bold, caring, classy, charismatic, compassionate, comforting, conversational, crisp, deep, deep voice, Sexy, elearning, E-learning, promo, American English, Casual, Caring, Natural, Storyteller,Military, Epic, News, Promo, Bass Voice, Hold Message, Luxury, Sarcastic, Intense, Nurturing, Energy, High Energy, Enthusiastic, Corporate, Narrators, Power, Low, Commercial, Male Friendly, Country radio, Marketing, Psa, Deep Ominous, Narration documentary, High Energy, Male voice over, Corporate training, relaxing and documentary, Warm authentic deep, Technical Voice Over.

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