Lynda Brooks, voice actor

Lynda Brooks, voice actor

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      About Lynda Brooks

      Lynda has worked in marketing and advertising for nearly 25 years producing radio and television commercials from concept to copywriting to direction to editing to air. Working with radio producers to create spots to market products and services for clients, Lynda was often told she should consider being the voice talent. 12 years ago, she walked into a Kentucky radio station to audition as on an-air radio personality, and emerged as "Jackie Daniels!" A few years later, she worked at a Maryland radio station producing a daily talk show and joined the host for a weekly commentary on Fridays as "Brooklyn" on the air where she was often recording spots and doing voiceover work for clients. Lynda developed a love for music at the age of 4. She loved to sing and picked up guitar at 13 so she could be her own accompaniment, and spent many years as part of a choir. She often felt she "missed the boat" not being part of the theatre department, as she can be quite expressive! Lynda's combined experiences in music, radio, marketing & advertising, and interest in the arts converged into her own "VoiceWitch Studio" where she could use her voice talent to her clients' audio projects. She can help with concept and copywriting too!

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