Marileda Maggi, voice actor

Marileda Maggi, voice actor

# RNS9I3SI am a voice. The rest of me is a mere appendix.
4.7(72 reviews)
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      • Bunny Pro for 5 years

        Bunny Pro for 5 years

        Has fulfilled 283 projects since 2019

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      20 years of experience in the world of commercials, audio guides, audiobooks.

      Marileda Maggi's reviews

      4.7(72 reviews)
      Squash the I. -
      "Marileda é stata brava e molto efficiente anche nelle modifiche richieste."
      Karen Keohan undefined. -
      "Prompt response. Thank you!"
      Guido Alberto M. -
      "Molto brava e precisa, propone tante possibilità di scelta."
      Mark A. -
      "Really excellent work ! We set challenging targets for the timings of the voiceover and the Pro hit all of them. The quality and tone were perfect too."
      Karen Keohan undefined. -
      "Prompt response and great work!"

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