Mario Loreti, voice actor

Mario Loreti, voice actor

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      I was born in Roma on January 5th. From the very beginning of my life I have shown my passion for music and for all that is around it. The perfect pitch foments this passion of mine and it helps me to recognise even the multi- frequency of cell phones. The blindness from my birth also gave me a more developed hearing than in other people who can see. The passion for the radio was born with “CantaTu”: I had the second model, the one that allowed the user to turn down the volume of the boards with a cursor while keeping up the volume of the microphone. Every day I had a lot to do zapping through the ether here in Roma, until I found Radio In 101…I first performed a live broadcast there when I was only 11. I kept on using that CantaTu until I destroyed it, and later I discovered the web radio. I founded one and managed it with other people, than I left and maybe in the future I will collaborate with them again, even if for short periods. After the web radio I started working for my first fm Radio Antenna Febea. The ex director there, Nello Surace, assigned a chart to me, every Sunday night at 9 pm. It lasted some months, than I started with another programme, “Crazy together”, in the morning. From there, a lot of other programmes on new radios came one after the other, a bunch of commercials, jingles, station IDs and important works for Iundai, Castrol, Amazon, Tesla, Samsung, Star and many others...

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      4.8(21 reviews)
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      Federico B. -
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      "Great job!"
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      "Solid talent and really easy to work with."
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