Michel Young, voice actor

Michel Young, voice actor

# 2NDRVIDOUnavailableBass baritone catches ear with its rich, resonant tone.
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      Masterful, multi-lingual voice actor with over 20+ years of experience, native to California and speaking English as his primary language. Noted for his captivating, engaging & warm personas. An extremely versatile performer with demos in a variety of styles. Customers include but are not limited to: Fox Studios, Amazon, Wavedash Games, GoDaddy, Wix, SOLVE. Training with a variety of coaches: Stacey Michaels - ADR Ned Lott - ADR Tom Pinto - Narration Mary Lynn Wissner - Commercial Jodi Gottlieb - Promo Jeff Howell - Narration, Promo, Commercial Joyce Castellanos - Promo Laurel van der Line - Commercial, Narration, Promo, Animation, Video Games, Audio Books

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