Nelson David Vargas, voice actor

Nelson David Vargas, voice actor

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      About Nelson David Vargas

      I am originally a musician with a love of audio recording. My voice came from my comedic ventures impersonating celebrities and mimicking radio personalities. I took on hosting/MC gigs for local billiard and poker tournaments, Karaoke, Trivia. I even indulge on the occasional open mic night and amateur stand up night. In the past I lent my voice to friends who were local radio station disk jockeys and remote hosts. I would perform impersonations and would give the movie style voice station identifications. I recorded demos for budding local bands throughout my musical career as well as recorded live performances for local musicians whom i provided live sound services. I currently record through an MXL v69 Mogami, an Audio Technica AT4040 and a Rode NT1A through a TPS II tube preamp into a Tascam US-1800 USB interface. I record and master on Adobe Audition.

      Nelson David Vargas's reviews

      4.7(20 reviews)
      April A. -
      "Hi! I loved the VO I got in the end. Thanks for being willing to revise and for applying the feedback given."
      Eric P. -
      "Fantastic Read... Quick quality work."
      Lysandra R. -
      "Thank you - the work is great but I just need that watermark removed (those beeping noises). Thank you!"
      Eunike Ayu P. -
      "The quality of the sound is great, and the fact that you are providing revision is beneficial."
      Erica M. -
      "The audio is always great and delivered very timely."

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